Meet the Teams


The business development team maintains and builds EPIC’s professional network, engaging with alums, companies, and entrepreneurs, as well as manage EPIC’s finances. The team is in charge of programs such as alumni Starter Dinners and the Startup Career Fair, and also attends various events to build EPIC's network. Through external expansion, we are able to facilitate internal growth for the organization.

Translation: We build EPIC's network and handle the business (read: money)


The EPIC Tech Team is a group of student developers aiming to emulate the experience one would get on an industry software engineering team. We aim to gain real-world experience by taking on challenging projects, learning on the fly and leveraging our members' diverse skill sets.

Translation: We push ourselves and learn fast - mostly from each other.

Our future currently holds opportunities to develop for clients such as startups in the garage. It may also involve working on creative projects spawned within the group that involve significant technical challenges and community-wide impact.

Translation: We can work for others, but we always work for ourselves and the things we're passionate about. Ideas can come from anywhere.


The Branding team markets for EPIC and the teams within the organization. Using design, social media, writing, and event planning, the Branding team creates and expands EPIC’s image. Creativity within the Branding team has led to new expansion of teams within EPIC, such as Sprout and Community Development. Branding aims to shape EPIC's brand into something approachable, empowering, and inspiring within the EPIC and NU community.

Translation: We create the identity of EPIC through design

Community Development

Within the various groups that comprise EPIC, the Community Development team works to integrate all the teams in a cohesive setting. From scheduling fun bonding activities within the EPIC teams to setting up events for general members, the team focuses on improving communication and teamwork of all the individual groups to one big organization that we call EPIC.

Translation: We are all the fun things that make EPIC a family

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EPIC Launch program is a year-long accelerator, where students help students turn their napkin sketches into real businesses. Launch teaches students of all backgrounds the ins and outs of an entrepreneurial mindset, and helps them embark on their entrepreneurial journey for the first time through an action-driven curriculum.  Students form teams to start new companies that they build throughout the year, culminating in a spring Demo Day. In the last 2 years, we’ve helped 70+ students start 15 new companies.



Sprout is a 5-day immersive experience in the Silicon Valley that provides Northwestern students the opportunity to discover their inner entrepreneur through workshops that build teamwork and problem-solving skills, and visits to startups. Students also have the opportunity to hear from and speak with real-world entrepreneurs to learn about their stories and experiences in the field. Sprout empowers innovative minds with an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mindset ready to tackle the world’s problems head-on by turning ideas into a reality.

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WildHacks is a 36-hour event during which students build a software or hardware project from start to finish. As the largest intercollegiate hackathon in the Chicagoland area, we provide students from across the U.S. the resources to grow as computer scientists and turn their ideas into reality.



The Northwestern Entrepreneurship Summit seeks to foster intellectual and entrepreneurial growth by connecting young minds to serial entrepreneurs, industry-leaders, and accomplished alumni.